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Located in the "Heart of Florida," Gainesville Regional Airport is surrounded by some of the most pristine environments in Florida that can only be truly appreciated by a visit to the area. Some of the features of north central Florida include numerous springs and rivers, Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park, and Devil's Millhopper Geological State Park.

The airport is located on the northeast side of Gainesville in Alachua County, approximately 70 miles southwest of Jacksonville, just minutes away from the University of Florida and Shands Hospital. The primary highway access to the airport from the north and south is Interstate 75, along with US Routes 441 and 301.
Travel Tips

Gainesville Regional Airport and the Transportation Security Administration offer the following tips for travelers:

  1. TSA does not accept mobile device boarding passes at this time at Gainesville Regional Airport.  Passengers need to have a printed boarding pass prior to entry to screening.  Boarding passes may be obtained at the airline ticket counters; please be reminded that all ticket counters close 30 minutes prior to published departure time.
  2. The Transportation Security Administration has a complete list of items that are permitted and prohibited.
    Click here to see the complete list of these items.
  3. Arrive early - Travelers should arrive at the Airport at least 1 hour before their flight departs. 3-1-1
  4. Air travelers can carry liquids, gels and aerosols in their carry-on bag when going through security checkpoints with some restrictions. The 3-1-1 on Air Travel link has a complete list of rules that apply to all liquids, gels, and aerosols.
  5. Be prepared for the security checkpoint. Before proceeding through the security checkpoint, travelers should remove coats, jackets, blazers and shoes.
  6. Keep boarding passes and photo IDs out and visible until you have exited the security checkpoint.
  7. All metal objects should be placed in carry-on luggage or in the containers provided by the TSA at the checkpoint.
  8. Scissors with a cutting edge of 4 inches or less and tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, and pliers smaller than 7 inches in length will be permitted on board.
  9. Lighters will continue to be banned from the cabin of an aircraft and checked baggage.
  10. Leave gifts unwrapped, as they may need to be opened and are subject to search.
  11. No unattended parking is allowed in the drop-off and pick-up zone in front of the airline terminal. No cars should ever be left unattended in this zone. If dropping off a passenger and bags and intending to stay until that passenger's plane departs, please drop off the passenger and their baggage and park in the short term lot.  If picking up a passenger, do not leave your car unattended while you wait for your passenger to exit the terminal.

Airport Services:
Tailwind Deli, News and Gifts offers a variety of items such as burgers, sandwiches, wraps, coffee and espresso, small snacks, beer, cocktails and other beverages.  Tailwind also operates a  gift shop and provides concession services post-security in the Gate area as well as in the main lobby.  http://www.tailwindconcessions.com/gnv/

The Airport provides FREE Wifi in the airline passenger terminal.