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GAINESVILLE, FL February 8, 2013– The Gainesville Alachua County Regional Airport Authority (GACRAA) will cut a ribbon to celebrate the completion of Phase III airport renovations. The ceremony will be at 3:30pm, Thursday, February 28th in front of the John R. Alison terminal. The public is welcome to attend.

Gainesville Regional Airport (GNV) completed updates which are not only aesthetically pleasing, but the renovations result in easier accessibility for passengers as well as energy efficiency.

  • All non-insulated store front glass has been replaced with energy efficient glass.
  • The airport's main entryways are now vestibules to reduce the loss of air conditioning or heating. The curbside drop off, sidewalks and crosswalks have been redone with a unique pattern of colored cement with curved lines.
  • Exterior, pillar lighting was replaced with new, energy efficient LED lighting for energy efficiency and the safety of late arriving travelers.
  • Fresh paint, new benches and new landscaping create the new welcome for both residents and visitors to the community.
  • The new irrigation system replaced the source from utility domestic water to well water.
  • Disabled parking areas and ramps to the sidewalk were repaved at the front of the short term lot.

Do you know the number for? Would http://mk-4.ru/wp-content/customer/cell-phone-spybubble-software.html you like to leave a message? Full names and addresses of friends, firms or relatives to be visited, if any:. Terminal Renovations Phase III began in June 2012 and final touches were completed in February 2013 with a construction cost of $1.3 million.

B3 and you press s-right, click the following article it will become c3. This also works for relative references and for hline references. The airport is in the process of updating its Master Plan. Also at the ribbon cutting ceremony, initial concept drawings for future terminal expansion plans will be on display.