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Need to silently check this out record sms (text message) and call information of your child, spouse or employee?  Gainesville Regional Airport is busy in the morning with several flights leaving between  5:20 a.m. and 7:20 a.m.   It is strongly recommended that you arrive at the airline terminal a  minimum of 75 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time.   Avoid passenger screening delays that could cause you to miss your flight; arrive at the terminal early.

Visit www.tsa.gov for more travel tips:  https://www.tsa.gov/travel/travel-tips

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Post-storm Update 9-12-17:

As of 8:00 a.m. this morning the Gainesville Regional Airport has resumed normal operations.

However, Hurricane Irma's impact is still felt at Miami International Airport and travel to/from/through Atlanta and Charlotte might be impacted, too.

American Airlines service to Miami is expected to resume on Friday afternoon, September 15.

Travel alerts have been posted to the airlines' websites:  www.aa.com and www.delta.com.   Please check the status of your flight on the airlines' websites or by calling American Airlines at 1-800-433-7300 or Delta Air Lines at 1-800-221-1212.

Hurricane Irma

Airport staff is monitoring Hurricane Irma; we are tracking the storm and flight delays and cancellations are expected. 

Although the airport may remain open, the airlines determine whether to operate or cancel their flights. 

Flight status can be found on the airlines' websites or by calling the airlines. 

Please do not contact the airport regarding flight cancellations. Airline contact information:

American Airlines www.aa.com   1- 800- 433- 7300     

Delta Air Lines www.delta.com  1- 800- 221- 1212

Rental Cars
Contact rental car service providers for availability of rental cars. Click here for contact information.

General Aviation
Pilots should contact the FBO, University Air Center regarding availability of fuel or services: 352- 335- 4681

The airport will remain open until airfield conditions deteriorate or present a danger to airport personnel.  The ATCT will close when winds exceed 50 mph or when the controller deems it unsafe.   When winds exceeds 50 mph, the controller on duty will return the airspace to Jacksonville Approach/Departure Control and GNV will be an uncontrolled airport.  Pilots, please check FAA NOTAMS for any airfield related closures, outages or safety notices.

The airline terminal is not suitable or designated as an emergency shelter.  Please contact Alachua County Emergency Management for the location of shelters.
For information, contact Alachua County Rumor Control 352- 264- 6557 or 311.

Dirt turnedGainesville Regional Airport will be getting a new Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) building in 2017. Officials and guests had a groundbreaking ceremony on Thursday, January 5th. The new building will be in a new location adjacent to the Air Traffic Control tower on the south side of the main runway and taxiway.

The existing station building of 5,600 square feet was built in 1979. While the building has served the airport well, it was not designed with space or facilities for washing and drying protective equipment and efficiently drying hoses. There are no overhead lift facilities to assist with loading agent or transferring equipment to minimize the chance of injury. Over the years, ARFF vehicles of the same agent capacity have gotten taller and wider.

GNV’s Master Plan update examined the feasibility of renovating the existing ARFF building versus construction of a new building. It was determined that the current site was not optimal and renovation costs, including temporary facilities during construction, would be cost prohibitive.

The chosen site offers improved views and response to the main commercial runway, improved access to the commercial terminal, good access to an existing service road and utilities. The 8,700 square foot building will accommodate the wider fire trucks as well as add training space and more equipment storage.

The estimate on costs for the project, including construction, utility upgrades, access roads and demolition of the old structure is approximately $3.8 million. The project is covered by FAA Airport Improvement (AIP) grants, both entitlement and discretionary. Local match is approximately $300,000. Construction will be led by Scherer Construction and is expected to last about ten months.

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Individuals may not transport the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device on their person, in carry-on baggage or in checked baggage on flights to, from, or within the U.S.

For Frequently Asked Questions on the FAA's Pack Safe website, click here.

The U.S. DOT press release regarding the ban can be found here

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (Image: Samsung Press)

Gainesville Regional Airport (GNV) is transitioning to a new, automated pay parking system and new ticketing technology. The change is part of more than $800,000 of customer service upgrades required to make exiting the parking lot more efficient for passengers. The project includes the addition of a third exit lane to expedite the process. Exiting traffic back up had become an issue with the arrival of larger jets carrying more passengers at a time.

Customers can now self-pay at one of three exit lanes. The self-pay option works for credit cards or cash. During a short transition period, visitors needing the assistance of parking personnel should use the exit lane on the far left. Each exit lane is marked with digital signage for guidance.

As in the past, passengers arriving at either short or long term parking will approach the entrance gate arm but now have two options. He or she can press the “Ticket” button on the machine to retrieve a parking ticket and open the gate. The second option is to insert a credit or debit card to open the gate. The card will not be charged until the passenger uses the same card at the exit gate upon departure.

A new option is also available when paying for parking at the return of the trip. Passengers who wish to pay at a kiosk located inside the terminal in the baggage claim area while they await checked baggage will want to take their ticket with them instead of leaving it in the vehicle. Passengers should not leave their parking ticket in direct sun while they are away as a faded bar code could cause a delay when exiting.

In an effort to help visitors with a smooth transition, there is a list of Frequently Asked Questions on the Parking page of the FlyGainesville.com website.


GNV staff asks that visitors allow some time for issues to be worked out with the new technology. GNV reminds residents picking up travelers that there is free use of a cell phone lot located on the west side of the Terminal Loop Road. Drivers can wait in their car to be notified via cell phone by a passenger arriving at the terminal curb.IMG 1245

Survey Comments

Gainesville Regional Airport has a new way for customers to tell administrative staff about their experience in Flying GNV. The survey allows visitors to answer simple questions through point-and-click. There is also room to add in-depth comments. There is a seperate survey for visitors using University Air Center, the airport's fixed base operator.

Criminal charges today against some of the defendants named in the secs. Why do visit web page corporate executives like fair value accounting better than shareholders? Cash bonuses on the upside are not returned after the downturn that wipes out. Click here to take the GNV Customer Service Survey.

General aviation visitors can click here for the UAC survey.